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Accurate and quick lighting project pricing quotes


ccurate and quick pricing quotes can be the difference between winning the job and forfeiting it to another firm — for us just as much as for you.

That is why, once we’ve worked with you to come up with the optimal lighting system and design for your project and we know what we’re looking to order and how much of it, we will have a price quote for you within 24-48 hours. This quote will be both accurate and comprehensive, and will include all shipping charges, taxes, and any additional materials and accessories that you would need to install the system.

And in fact, due to our years of experience as one of New York’s premier lighting distributors, during which we’ve built great longstanding relationships with vendors, not only will we have a price quote as quick as you need it, but we will be able to get the units themselves for better wholesale prices, which will translate into savings on your part and enhance your bottom line.

Dealing with Developers, contractors and Electricians, especially in New York, demands accurate and quick responses. Our fast quoting allows you to give your clients – whether in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or anywhere else in USA – the ability to quickly choose the best firm for the job – yours.

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