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Our understanding of lighting products and their functionality will get you an unparalleled lighting system design.


here is no one correct lighting solution for every scenario. Hospital operating rooms require high visibility, while movie theaters want to highlight the screen, rather than the back of the head of the person in the center of the room. Restaurants want an entire room full of diners to each feel some semblance of privacy, rather than feeling like they’re on display, while clothing stores want flattering lights that in fact direct your attention to the display, rather than to the carpet or to what the other shoppers are wearing. The lighting in a hotel lobby directs the eye to the décor, while the lights in that same hotel’s office are designed to help employees focus on their work and stop looking at the décor. Skillful application of lighting can affect your guests’ entire experience in your building. The purpose of good lighting is not just to see, but to direct people’s eyes to what you want them to see, and how you want them to feel about it. Energy consumption is also a factor.

At Expressive Lighting, we understand the many nuances of lighting design and application. Our knowledge — of the various lighting systems and what they offer — is unparalleled in the industry. Our first step in serving you is to send a lighting expert over to your jobsite to look around and work with you on determining your lighting needs and the best system to meet them, so you can get things right the first time, without lots of costly trial and error. Our years of experience as a wholesale lighting distributor throughout New York City and beyond also means that if you have specialized applications, chances are we’ve seen it and worked on it and figured out the best lighting solution for it.

Once we’ve hammered out a design, we will draw it into the building plan so you have an understanding of how it will fit in. With simpler designs, we also offer the entire Concept and Design Service as an a la carte option, if you choose to do the rest of your lighting project with us.

You’ve put a lot of hard work into your project, and you want to draw people’s eye to it. Expressive Lighting can come up with the best system for your needs. Our design experts allow you to give your projects – whether in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or anywhere else in the USA – the best balance of looks, functionality, and mood.

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