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Enhance your company’s image with professionally-bound, detailed cut sheets


ometimes, details get lost in communication. It’s nice, though, to not only know what you’ve ordered, but to understand it as well – enough to be able to present and explain it to your managers or clients in a way that helps justify the fixtures you’ve selected or helps them understand why those are the most appropriate for the job.

That is why, when we place your order, we also provide you with a complete submission package, containing detailed specifications on every fixture you’ve ordered – features, descriptions, charts, tables, cutaway diagrams, dimensions, electrical information, energy consumption, candlepower, accessories and options, and installation details – all in a professionally-bound format.

This package serves to eliminate confusion, gives you something to refer to when discussing the project, provides you with a professional package to show your clients and backers, and allows you to prepare your jobsite for what’s coming.

Need to impress a client? Expressive Lighting has been a New York wholesale lighting distributor for over fifteen years, operating in the largest city in the country – not just in terms of population, but also in terms of buildings, and therefore, lighting fixtures. Our knowledge of the subject is boundless, and we are willing to share as many details with you as we can so that you and your clients can be confident that you are getting the most appropriate lighting for your venue. If you are working on a commercial project or an upscale home in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or anywhere in the New York City area, we can shed some light on your confusion.

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