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Professionalism doesn’t need to be slow


nce you’ve made all your lighting decisions and know what you want, you just want to get moving on it. We understand that there are many elements in putting together a new construction, that we are just one of many wholesale distributors you are going through for materials, that certain elements have to be tackled in a precise order, and that an element that is delayed due to late shipping or bad communication can topple an entire project. In fact, even if the shipment is coming in on time, not knowing when that will be and being able to plan around it can also throw everything off.

It’s the not knowing. That’s the worst part.

As our orders are processed, you will be notified of the lead time and expected deliveries for each individual fixture IN WRITING. If your project is on “rush” and you’re waiting for the pieces to come in, we will work with our vendors (with whom we’ve cultivated a longstanding relationship) to expedite orders so that we can make your deadlines. And if this cannot be done, we will suggest alternate comparable lighting systems and manufacturers that WILL be able to deliver on time.

We can also hold orders until you’re ready for them, if necessary. Both with our Brooklyn warehouse and our newly acquired warehouse in New Jersey , we have the ability to hold and warehouse products you need for the current job or future projects that are in the pipeline. This will help ensure the most valuable commodity of a job won’t be lost … Time.

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